About the Author

Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson has a background in Archaeology and History. Mr. Nelson holds three degrees in Archaeology and is a Registered Professional Archaeologist. He has a special interest in the history of transportation, particularly during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and has worked on multiple projects within this topic during his career.

Additional Storytelling Interests of the Author

Christopher Nelson has taken a recent interest in expanding his storytelling activities. This has come through various stages of involvement in filmmaking. Mr. Nelson is serving or has served in the role of Executive Producer or Associate Producer on several films including both feature length and short films. He takes a special interest in those films that are based on true stories or bring awareness, either directly or indirectly, to critical societal issues, such as PTSD and other mental health issues, race relations, and human trafficking. He is currently involved with the following films.

  • The Grief Counselor Short Film (Executive Producer) -- Struggling with unresolved trauma, an army veteran navigates life as a grief counselor while being haunted by her past and recurring nightmares. Isolated from everyone who ever cared for her, her life continuously spirals out of control. In a life of chaos and addiction, nothing is as it seems. Throughout the team for this film, we have all experienced trauma or grief and P.T.S.D. Mental Health is not a stigma but it is a talking point.

  • House of Ka Feature Film (Associate Producer) -- After her father contracts a supernatural illness, a young aristocrat named Margaret Trelawny enlists the help of a gentleman lawyer to save her father's life. Their investigation doesn't go as planned when they realize what they are hunting...is already hunting them. What follows is an increasingly twisted investigation as Margaret and Malcolm come face-to-face with the horrors of Margaret’s father’s secret life. She discovers her father is sexually abusing a young woman of the house staff and that he is involved with the mummy trafficking industry. This film draws a clear connection between 1890s Victorian period mummy trafficking and modern day human trafficking.

  • The Hard R Short Film (Associate Producer) -- A white drug runner's cultural appropriation is called out by his black partner en route to a deal he hopes to prove himself on. The film shines a light on the racism, stereotyping, and cultural appropriation that still arises from the complex intersection between modern black & white culture.

  • Between the Ropes Short Film (Associate Producer) -- Daniel, A young boxer, gets an unexpected visit from his manipulative, alcoholic mother. As he prepares for his big fight, he's forced to balance the needs of his mother and the demands of his dreams.

  • Four Nights and a Fire Short Film (Associate Producer) -- The film is a drama about grief and resilience from two perspectives - a son who must keep a fire burning and his father's spirit who's guided by the flame. Having just lost his dad, Robert, a young Ojibwe man, prepares for a sacred fire ceremony in the woods where his father used to hunt, desperate to feel close to him one last time. He stubbornly takes on the responsibility of the sole firekeeper, a role usually shared to avoid fatigue in keeping a sacred fire alive for four consecutive days and nights. Meanwhile, the Spirit of his father finds the flame and seeks to console his son, though he is only able to watch, and grieves that he cannot comfort him. As Robert fights to keep the flame alive and reckon with the loss of his father, the spirit fights his fear of the inevitable transition to the afterlife.

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